Why choose Welbilt?

Dependable. Powerful. Smart. Precise.

No other galley equipment manufacturer brings together as many leading global brands as Welbilt, with specialist products compliant with marine environments. At Welbilt, we understand your need to ensure the smooth running of your galleys, enhance safety on board and have the ability to serve up the world’s finest cuisine.

All our appliances are built and equipped with the most innovative technology and integrate our unique connectivity system KitchenConnect®, optimizing the use and function of your equipment and streamlining your galley.

We will support you throughout your journey with Welbilt’s own industry leading global solutions. All of our products are backed by KitchenCare® – our aftermarket, repair, and parts service. We’re with you all the way!

Intuitive user interfaces for easy operation

All of our brands have, or are being adapted to have, our easyTouch® interface. This incredibly user-friendly and intuitive controller makes operation easy for you and your staff, with language-neutral full touchscreens that anyone can understand.

easyTouch® is an icon-driven user interface with a large colour display. Multi-stage cooking profiles can be easily programmed directly on the user interface to simplify operation and reduce staff training.

Effortless cleanliness and uncompromising hygiene

Throughout our history, Welbilt and its industry-leading brands have integrated sanitation standards into our product development with cleanliness and safety at top of mind.

Dedicated Marine-focused global team

We operate in more than 100 countries globally, across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Australia. Our products, services and solutions are marketed through a worldwide network of over 5,000 dealers and distributors for our well-established and recognized brands.

Culinary support

Our Marine team work with you to train you and your staff, so you can get the maximum use out of your equipment. With our global team of culinary chefs we work with you to ensure you can deliver the perfect menu, consistently every time.

In addition, we have an exclusive partnership with renowned chef and marine culinary specialist Pierre-Marie Leprince. Working alongside the internal teams, Leprince will act as a specialist advisor on the needs of the marine sector, whilst collaborating on specific projects aimed at the ferry and cruise operators. Leprince will also hold an advisory role with regards to menu development, providing guidance for both Welbilt and their customers.


Our global manufacturing facilities are some of the most advanced catering equipment plants in the world. Our Merrychef factory in Sheffield, UK is one example of our ability to customise orders and build to demand.

Industry leading service support and warranties

Even before your equipment arrives at your restaurant, we’re by your side to help you install, monitor, and maintain the powerful equipment driving the heart of your business. With our extensive global network of service experts and technicians, going forward you can always count on having the support you need, right when you need it.

That’s the same connectivity we harness to enhance the visibility of your business, with leading data analysis to give you up-to-the-minute intelligence on your workflow. Together, we’ll not only prevent issues before they happen – we can even help you discover new opportunities for growth and greater efficiency.


We are committed to rigorous product testing and continuous product development, enabling us to guarantee best-in-class, reliable products which guarantee performance.

For further information on any of Welbilt’s Marine catering equipment, please get in contact with:

Dave J F Weightman CFSP Global Key Accounts Manager Marine & Hospitality Welbilt M: +44(0) 7894 620 815 E: dave.weightman@welbilt.com

Alexis Bourgault Sales & Specification Manager Marine & Hospitality Welbilt M: +33(0) 649 227 381 E: alexis.bourgault@welbilt.com