Tailoring your galley


Instead of fitting equipment inside available space, FitKitchen® designs galleys around the interaction of food, beverage, people and equipment to reduce labour costs, increase productivity, boost sales and revenue, and keep menus fresh. Based on the idea of 'food inspiring technology', our FitKitchen® concept combines our best-in-class brands with our global innovation, culinary and market development teams working across all segments and platforms.

FitKitchen® provides innovative and practical solutions with a detailed, targeted approach that considers key areas of galley operations. From food, to equipment, to operations – we work closely with galley designers and your team to create unique, robust solutions that are successful with our Marine customers.

FitKitchen® focuses on collaboration to answer today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Our aim is to collaborate with our partners to identify the needs of today’s galley spaces, provide answers to the big challenges in today’s environment, and build for the future growth of tomorrow.

  • We bring FitKitchen’s expertise straight to the table with subject matter experts and industry-best resources.
  • Expert teams develop modular 'off the shelf' or customized systems to meet customers’ current challenges.
  • Together we drive towards full Welbilt systems and solutions.


Gathering pre-work data and initial observations


Create a plan and approach for on-site discovery visit


Conduct on-site survey that looks at production, labour, equipment and customer experiences


Consolidate team’s findings Identify opportunities for galley and overall operation optimization


Equipment and technology workshop to select platforms and technology, workstation and workflow design concepts & process mapping


Innovation workshop to collaborate and present findings that includes, integration of equipment solution, final workstation concepts & final kitchen designs.

For further information on any of Welbilt’s Marine catering equipment, please get in contact with:

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