Welbilt’s world leading marine brands

No other galley equipment manufacture brings together as many leading global brands as Welbilt. Welbilt provides the world top chefs in the Cruise Lines industry with leading equipment and system solutions.

Advancing Your Ambitions

The marine versions of our Convotherm® ovens are particularly suitable for the hectic and confined working day on board a passenger ship. The robust and hygienic combi oven - like its accessories - has been designed according to strict guidelines and specifications to withstand not only the high vibraton level on board but also the salty, corrosive environment and meet USPH guideline.

All units share the same logical and intuitive system of operation: a real plus in the hectic daily life on board a ship.

Expanding Your Opportunities

The eikon® e2s Marine high speed oven is the first choice for anyone who wants to prepare fresh, hot food on demand on board a vessel.

Full high grade stainless steel construction inside and out to meet the demands of a corrosive Marine environment. Tested to a higher standard, this unit will endure the elevated levels of vibration and shock in a Marine application. Supplied with stainless steel mounting brackets for bolted or welded installation the eikon® e2s Marine is the ideal solution for any application wanting to deliver fresh hot food quickly at the touch of an icon.

Bring Your Passion to the Surface

With 20 years of experience leading the way in induction technology, Inducs is committed to work with commercial chefs from around the world to engineer products with leadership technology. Quick heat-up, lower energy consumption, voltage detection and RTCSmp® for maintaining accurate temperatures are just a few of the award winning technologies for which Garland has won industry awards. The induction technology from Garland powered by Inducs is employed daily around the globe in uncounted kitchens, buffets and galleys.

Timeless Quality, Tested for Life

Producing large quantities of food for preparation and serving at a later time or date takes planning and the right equipment. No matter what your scale, Cleveland has what you need. Hands down the leader in steam cooking equipment, braising pans and tilt skillets, steam jacketed kettles and cook chill systems.

Consistency You Can Count On

The Impinger II Express Marine conveyor oven is available in a variety of packages for the Marine market. Offering faster bake times, advanced air impingement technology to enhance bake quality and uniformity, and optional FastBakeTM Technology to reduce bake time even further. Stackable up to three ovens high, ventless and with high grade stainless steel construction, these ovens are built to reduce labour time with a variable speed continuous cook platform.

Ideal for cooking pizzas, perfecting gratinate dishes and finishing as a salamander.

Modular by design

The EX3 is an attractive and extremely versatile professional espresso machine. Featuring a smart design concept, It can be easily customized - and manufactured - through the combination of a wide range of different options, both external (number of groups, colours and finishings, lighting, etc.) and technical. Thus, the EX3 is aimed to suit any kind of Marine customer with an espresso demand.

In addition, Crem provide automatic coffee machines for self-service, barista coffee machines, filter coffee manuals, hot water boilers and grinders.

Serving Quality on Demand

Merco’s innovative holding cabinet with integrated touch-screen technology helps you to manage your galley operations effectively. Easy to program menu and holding options allow maximum flexibility.

Wi-Fi and optional exclusive tray tracking abilities provide maximum efficiency for your operators, while maintaining optimal food quality for your customers.

Colorful displays can easily be viewed from across the galley, allowing users to quickly visualize food status.

For further information on any of Welbilt’s Marine catering equipment, please get in contact with:

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Alexis Bourgault Sales & Specification Manager Marine & Hospitality Welbilt M: +33(0) 649 227 381 E: alexis.bourgault@welbilt.com